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Re: bug in install

On 4 Jun 1999, Ben Pfaff wrote:

> No, Debian uses ext2.  There is no reason not to use ext2.  We had an
> extensive discussion about this on debian-boot (CC'd).  ext2 doesn't
> take up any more space on the rescue floppies and it eliminates the
> need to support the obsolete minix filesystem in the rescue floppy
> kernel.

Either way, the current resc1440.bin is not ext2; it's minix. That means
either resc1440.bin and it's friends need updated, or install needs to
fall back to minix. Because using a rescue disk won't work currently. And
I know I shoulda' CC'd to debian-boot, but forgot. I'm not subscribed, so
please CC replies to me. I did get the machine up and working. It and it's
cousin are building their massive raid arrays this weekend. (dual 4.5G
with RAID1 and then 14 9.1G IBM UltraStar 9ZX "HammerHead" 10kRPM 4Ms in a


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