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Re: DBootStrap messages


> > I updated slovak translations in slink version. Was it just lost of
> > time, or is somebody interesting of it?
it was only lang_sk.h and some readme.vme

> Cool.  Let me know if you need CVS access -- I'd be happy to give you
> CVS write access if you don't have it already (and official debian
> developer already does have write access).
why not, I will have Slovak installation manual tomorrow done (1.77

if I will have CVS access, i'll upload it through weekend.

  .~.     Miroslav Vasko
  /V\     vasko@debian.cz, vasko@debian.sk
 // \\    
/(   )\   Debian GNU/Linux SK
 ^^-^^    http://www.debian.cz/slovak/

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