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Bug#36947: base.tgz not found - no error message

Martin Schulze writes:
 > Have you found time to investigate this any closer?

Not much really.  I reinstalled the same machine after some
partitionning changes and there was no problem then.  I was so
surprised that I stopped the install process to look at it again and
thus got into big trouble, but that is another story (maybe Ctrl-C
should be trapped so that newbies do not get accidentally lost ?).

After thinking a bit, I happened to think that this may have to do
with the partionning scheme I used in both cases where I saw this
problem.  However, I think I remember I installed another machine with
the same partionning, and it worked fine, but I'm not sure - maybe I
should check this machine.

Here the particular layout for the partition table:

/dev/hda1 - FAT32 - start of disk (~50% total space)
/dev/hda2 - swap  - end of disk (16 or 32Mb)
/dev/hda3 - ext2  - remaining space

CD drive on 2nd IDE controller.

Does this makes sense to think that this maybe uncommon layout could
be the cause of such a problem ?  I must say I have some doubts, but
these are the main common details in these 2 installs I can

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