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Re: DBootStrap messages

Miroslav Vasko <mvasko@isternet.sk> writes:

> I downloaded today CVS snapshot of slink and unstable boot-floppies.
> I noticed, that slink's lang_C.h is more recent than dbootstrap.pot
> (messages MSG_KBD_* are missing in dbootstrap.pot). It's right?

Uh... not sure...  

It's a little tough keeping the lang_*.h files in sync with the .pot

> I updated slovak translations in slink version. Was it just lost of
> time, or is somebody interesting of it?

I think it's interesting.  I assume the purpose is to provide a slovak
boot-floppies set, or at least a slovak installation manual, right?

> I started slovak translation of documentation, too.

Cool.  Let me know if you need CVS access -- I'd be happy to give you
CVS write access if you don't have it already (and official debian
developer already does have write access).

I don't any reason why this shouldn't be integrated into the mainline
boot-floppies cvs area.  Translators working on slink documentation
(and there reall is no distinct potato documentation yet) need to
commit to the branch.  I roll the branch up to the trunk periodically,
so your work would apply to potato as well.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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