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Re: makedev fixes, etc.

On Sat, Apr 17, 1999 at 04:05:15PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> The only remaining crucial problem is the AIC7xxx bugs.  Doesn't
> anyone on these lists here have an adaptec device which experiences
> problems?  Couldn't we try the newer adaptec drivers either from
> adaptec or from Alan Cox's patches to 2.0.36?

I'm to take a look at this tomorrow Monday and Wednesday, too.  I'll also
ask at the local LUG.  At least one person has reported problems with a 2940
(kernel boots, loads SCSI drivers, hangs), and I have seen _LOTS_ of trouble
with on-board 788x's (/me thinks all 788x's are on-board adapters).  I know
RH's latest install floppies work with these cards.

Pointers, please.  Where do I get patches from? Is really enough to replace
`linux' on the rescue floppy or do I have to replace something else? Any set
of boot parameters I should try (I know override_term solved some of the
problems I had before, and so did stpwlev)?


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