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Installin Debian

I am developing a homepage where I have "A beginners guide to Linux".
There I was thinking about having a installation guide for Debian, but
since I haven't been able to try out Debian, I don't want to write a guide
only from reading your installation guide. To write something on my own, I
need experience using it, so, my question to you would be: Would you like
to help me write a short installation guide covering partitioning the hard
drive, and generally installing the system. Anything else will be covered
in the rest of the Guide.

Or maybe you would like to do as TurboLinux did, and send me a boxed copy
of the distribution  ;D

If you would like to write such a guide, I think I would like to edit it
to fit into my page. When I say that, i mean to piont to other parts of
the page and such

Bjørnar Sundsbø
E-Mail: webmaster@linux.laban.net
URL: http://linux.laban.net

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