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Re: Adaptec cards are a curse

On Thursday 11 March 1999, at 9 h 4, the keyboard of Enrique Zanardi 
<ezanardi@ull.es> wrote:

> It seems it finally happened. After months struggling with those
> beasties, we finally shipped a kernel using just another broken Adaptec

Your Subject: is perfectly correct. I stopped filing bug reports about Adaptec 
cards. Each new version of Doug Ledford's driver works on more cards... and 
breaks on some, which worked before.

The only thing I can say, as a regular reader of the Adaptec-on-free-Unices 
mailing list is "Never buy Adaptec".

> Any suggestions about which driver version Herbert should use to build
> the kernel?

There is no clearly superior version. It depends on your card. Remember 
Adaptec changes even inside a same product line. Two cards which are exactly 
identical can require two different versions of the Linux driver.

The best solution, when you have to install on an Adaptec card, is to now how 
to replace the kernel on the rescue disk (it's fairly easy on Debian).

> PS: Adaptec supports Linux. Yeah, sure.

They don't. It's a legend spreaded by redhat.com for marketing reasons.


(These morons never understood what an URL is.)

or go to www.adaptec.com and search for "linux". See "Linux Information. Adaptec is currently working on a support strategy for the Linux community. At this time, Adaptec does not distribute Linux drivers or driver source code. However, Linux does include support for some [some, S.B.] Adaptec SCSI host adapters. ". 

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