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Re: resc1440tecra ok but image?

On Thu, Mar 04, 1999 at 11:47:31PM +0000, Enrique Zanardi wrote:
> As with the old tecra ones, that's a custom kernel Herbert build and
> uploaded to incoming, just for the boot-floppies team, not for the FTP
> archive. :-(

When, during my experiments, I smoked out my custom kernel, I simply
had to reinstall the custom kernel-image.
On my first attempt, useng the floppy found on the net, when I wiped
away the good kernel and had no .deb , I had to start with the rescue
disk, mount all my partition (without initialize them :-) and install 
system and modules. Then I had problem with pcmcia.

My feeling is that we MUST put the tecra kernel-image AND corresponding
pcmcia-modules packages in the distribution.

Not doing this, we also break the promise of reproducibility of the
boot-floppies package.

> > >From the various test I made I noticed that if I didn't install
> > those custom packages, then a subsequent upgrade can put a too-big
> > kernel, or non working pcmcia.
> It shouldn't. The base system doesn't contain a kernel-image package, nor
> a pcmcia-modules package, so there's no way for an upgrade to install one
> unless the user selects it himself.

Humm, you're right, as in that occasion I simply replaced the kernel in
a std rescue floppy.

But anyway, if we don't provide tecra kernel images and pcmcia modules
for future kernels, how can people upgrade their systems?
Do they have to reinstall them?

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