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Re: Releasing Slink (was Re: Please add new version of Release-Notes)

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:

> Strange.  What do the permissions under AmigaOS and Linux look like for
> the amiboot file?
AFAIR only readable under AmigaOS. After I copied it on harddisk it was
readable and deletable(!). Under linux its world readable, not executable!
> It's possible the flags to mkisofs/mkhybrid are removing the Unix x bits,
> or that your Amiga CD-ROM driver has to have the Amiga-specific Rock Ridge
> extensions for a file to recognize it as executable.  The former is easily
> fixable, the latter is impossible to fix without hacking mkhybrid.
I am using AmiCDFS, the best CD-ROM file system for Amiga AFAIK. But maybe I
should try it also with the (buggy!) CDFS supplied by amiga.
> I'd tar the .info files up and put them in an archive on your home
> directory on master, so people can find it if they need it.
Ok. Still leaves the question who/how creates the images. I think Ill have a
look at slink_cd at home. Can I add .info files with that easily? I want to
have .info files in the root directory of the CD...


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