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Re: Please add new version of Release-Notes

Adam Di Carlo writes:
>Steve> So if we tell the user to place the last binary CD in their
>Steve> drive when starting dselect, all should work. It means we can
>Steve> have a smaller set of CD images than any other scheme, which is
>Steve> an important consideration.  Previously we'd have needed 5
>Steve> discs per arch, now we need 10 total. OK?
>Um, I think so.  Bear with me --- Here is my snippet from
>'dselect-beginner.sgml' which discusses the multi_cd method.  Could
>you check it for accuracy?
>One more question -- 
>.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>
>	    <tag>multi_cd</tag>
>	    <item>
>Quite large and powerful, this complex method is the recommended way
>of installing a recent version of Debian from a set of multiple binary
>CDs. Each of these CDs should contains information about the packages
>in itself and all prior CDs (in the file <file>Packages.cd</file>).
>When you first select this method, be sure the CD-ROM you will be
>using is not mounted. Place the last disk of the set in the drive and
>answer the questions you are asked:

last _binary_ disk (important - the source disks will not work here)

>		  <item>
>	CD-ROM drive location
>		  <item>
>	Confirmation that you are using a multi-cd set
>		  <item>
>	The location of the Debian distribution on the disk(s)
>		  <item>
>	[ Possibly ] the location(s) of the Packages file(s)
>		</list>
>	      <p>
>Once you have updated the available list and selected the packages to
>be installed, the multi-cd method diverges from normal procedure. You
>will need to run an ``install'' step for each of the CDs you have in
>turn. Unfortunately due to the limitations of dselect it will not be
>able to prompt you for a new disk at each stage; the way to work for
>each disk is
>		  <item>
>	Insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive.
>		  <item>
>	From the main dselect menu, select ``Install''.
>		  <item>
>	Wait until dpkg finishes installing from this CD (it may
>	report installation successful, or possibly installation
>	errors. Don't worry about these until later).
>		  <item>
>	Hit [Return] to go back to the main dselect menu. 
>		  <item>
>	Repeat with the next CD in the set...
>		</list>
>	      <p>
>It may be neccesary to run the installation step more than once to
>cover the order of package installation - some packages installed
>early may need to have later packages installed before they will
>configure properly.
>	      <p>
>Running a ``Configure'' step is recommended, to help fix any packages
>that may end up in this state.
>	    <tag>multi_nfs, multi_mount</tag>
>	    <item>
>These are very similar to the multi-cd method above, and are
>refinements on the theme of coping with changing media, for example if
>installing off a multi-cd set exported via NFS from another machine's
>CD-ROM drive.

OK, that looks reasonable to me.

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