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Re: makedev patch for m68k boot floppies

john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> Michael writes:
> > pppconfig informed me that I could create multiple setups so I created
> > 'home-ip', didn't create 'provider' and couldn't connect.
> When I found out that pppconfig was going in the 2.0 base I offered to
> write a special version just for this.  It would have been substantially
> smaller as well as accomodating this sort of special requirement.  The
> offer was rejected.

Would have been a good idea - the space concern isn't too bad. But I think 
it should be possible to detect if provider was changed, and to prompt
the user for the setup to run if not.

> > Plus some dialup sites require more than \c\d after login. I.e.  'ppp' on
> > Annexen. But that's a bug in pppconfig.
> If there is something you can't put in at the 'Other Strings' screen please
> file a bug against pppconfig.

I haven't found this 'Other Strings' screen in pppconfig 1.1 (that's
what slink for m68k currently uses). Will try again with a fresh base 
install; I recall there was such a screen when I did that initial test
but maybe I'm dreaming.


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