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Re: makedev patch for m68k boot floppies

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Aside from that, ramdisk and base system are basically working
> (on the one machine I tested on).

Tested on two more machines, and it seems the Atari also has trouble
with the keymaps format. The old Atari kernel lacks HFS support so 
I couldn't do any testing there so far. Testing on the 5 MB SE/50
revealed two things:

- the 6 MB RAM requirement mentioned in the docs is BS, it works fine 
  with 5 MB. 

- working on the boot floppies for two days got me confused enough that
  I picked the wrong partition for the test install (should have identical
  partition layout on all disks for idiots). Whoops, there went the Debian
  build partition. 

Don't expect new patches before 2.1.5. And Franky is away to KA until Jan.
11, I can't do anything on the Amiga side without him anyway.

Could the Atari enthusiasts please give boot-floppies 2.1.4 from yesterday
a quick test?


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