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Re: Bug#903593: python3-blends: shouldn't write Packages: list in case the udeb option is set

On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 12:09:24PM +0200, Ole Streicher wrote:
> far as I looked into, the test calles
> /usr/share/debian-edu-config/tools/debian-edu-bless
> and this script seems to be unable to handle alternatives.

The script 'debian-edu-bless' uses tasksel to install packages, so 
debian-edu-tasks.desc is involved as well: Both the meta-package listed 
as Key and all packages in the Packages list are installed. The 
meta-package handles alternatives as usual (these are taken from the 
tasks file as is).
Only if _all_ alternatives are installed because they belong to the 
Packages list and if there are conflicting ones among them, the 
installation breaks. We decided to drop the conflicting atftpd package 
to get feedback if the installation would be successful.
> IMO it would not be a good solution to just limit the packages to the
> first alternative, since that would break the idea of alternatives.

Sure, but see above. I'm pretty sure once the Packages list has been 
dropped, re-adding Recommends: tfptd-hpa | atftpd to tasks/main-server 
would do no harm.

Thanks for taking your time,

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