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Bug#903593: python3-blends: shouldn't write Packages: list in case the udeb option is set

Ho Wolfgang,

On 11.07.2018 18:40, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> The Packages: list now contains all alternative packages instead of only 
> the first one, e.g. tftpd-hpa | atftpd lists both packages which breaks 
> installation. I guess the fix for #785678 caused this.
> The Packages: field doesn't seem to be needed for a valid desc file.
> Please consider to think about the alternatives again or maybe apply 
> this change:

I would prefer to apply your change; mainly because it removes the
special handling of udebs in one place (and fewer special cases is
always better).

However, I am not sure about the required format to udeb .desc files. As
you describe it, the situation is:

* the Package: field is not needed for udebs
* but if it is there and contains alternatives, the installation breaks.

Do I understand you correctly?



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