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Bug#903593: python3-blends: shouldn't write Packages: list in case the udeb option is set

Package: python3-blends
Version: 0.7.1
Severity: wishlist


while testing Debian Edu I noticed that installations fail due to 
an incorrect debian-edu-tasks.desc file.

The Packages: list now contains all alternative packages instead of only 
the first one, e.g. tftpd-hpa | atftpd lists both packages which breaks 
installation. I guess the fix for #785678 caused this.

The Packages: field doesn't seem to be needed for a valid desc file.
Please consider to think about the alternatives again or maybe apply 
this change:

--- a/blends.py	2018-07-11 18:05:17.147774296 +0200
+++ b/blends.py	2018-07-11 18:04:46.795867954 +0200
@@ -438,10 +438,6 @@
         for key, value in self.tests.items():
             d['Test-' + key] = value
         d['Key'] = '\n {}'.format(self.package_name)
-        if udeb:
-            d['Packages'] = 'list\n ' + \
-                          '\n '.join(sorted(d.name for d in itertools.chain(
-                              *(self.recommends + self.dependencies))))
         return d
     def update(self, cache):


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