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Re: Accepted blends 0.6.101 (source) into experimental

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:
> Can you please try
> $ LC_ALL=C touch /var/lib/apt/lists/tmp
> touch: cannot touch '/var/lib/apt/lists/tmp': Permission denied

I get the same as you.

> I get: [...]
> Can't open file /var/lib/apt/lists/_tmp_autopkgtest.qDlH8X_binaries_Packages: No such file or directory

Thank you for forwarding this. In the moment,  have no idea what the
problem is. Maybe you could set the environment var APT_CONFIG=/dev/null
before invoking Python to see if something weird is in your apt config?

> I admit that I'm able to run `make dist` successfully on a system
> running stretch.  I now understand what you mean by "removing the \ in
> tasks/cloud".  While I agree that the '\' is not part of the RFC822
> definition we obviously have tasks featuring these.  I'd prefer if
> the script would issue an error instead of creating broken d/control
> files.

Sure. Is on my todo list.

> Regarding the Format description field:  It seems I did not understand
> it completely since I assumed it is optional.  It seems that I
> definitely need to specify it if Recommends are used inside the tasks
> file.  Is this correct?

Yes. The idea is that any tools can autodetect the format of the tasks
files and this way handle format changes accurately.

So, if we have incompatible changes in the future, just update the
Format: line when you updated the format of the file. Default is the
'classic' format. I thought that (since #891188 affected only d-astro) I
was the only one actually using the non-downgrading version.



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