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Re: Accepted blends 0.6.101 (source) into experimental

Hi Ole,

On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 05:40:31PM +0200, Ole Streicher wrote:
> > I get: [...]
> > Can't open file /var/lib/apt/lists/_tmp_autopkgtest.qDlH8X_binaries_Packages: No such file or directory
> Thank you for forwarding this. In the moment,  have no idea what the
> problem is. Maybe you could set the environment var APT_CONFIG=/dev/null
> before invoking Python to see if something weird is in your apt config?

At least I can confirm that another system also running testing +
selected packages from unstable does not show the said problem.  So for
the moment only a single machine is affected by the issue.  However,

     APT_CONFIG=/dev/null make dist

does not change anything.
> > I admit that I'm able to run `make dist` successfully on a system
> > running stretch.  I now understand what you mean by "removing the \ in
> > tasks/cloud".  While I agree that the '\' is not part of the RFC822
> > definition we obviously have tasks featuring these.  I'd prefer if
> > the script would issue an error instead of creating broken d/control
> > files.
> Sure. Is on my todo list.

> > Regarding the Format description field:  It seems I did not understand
> > it completely since I assumed it is optional.  It seems that I
> > definitely need to specify it if Recommends are used inside the tasks
> > file.  Is this correct?
> Yes. The idea is that any tools can autodetect the format of the tasks
> files and this way handle format changes accurately.
> So, if we have incompatible changes in the future, just update the
> Format: line when you updated the format of the file. Default is the
> 'classic' format. I thought that (since #891188 affected only d-astro) I
> was the only one actually using the non-downgrading version.

The thing is: The Debian Med tasks files have 'classic' format but
without specifying the Format line d/control remains empty.

Kind regards



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