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Re: Bug#891188: blends-dev: created d/control recommends packages not in main

Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org> writes:
> Please let me know if something is ready for testing.

I just uploaded 0.6.101 to experimental (code is in the "experimental
branch); could everyone please have a look. UDD is not implemented yet.

I played with it on Debian Astro (ofcourse), Debian Science and Debian

Debian Astro and Debian Edu (both without the Depends->Recommends
lowering) work, when the line

Format: https://blends.debian.org/blends/1.1

was inserted as the first line in each task with

$ sed  -i '1i Format: https://blends.debian.org/blends/1.1' tasks/*

In Debian Edu, the generated dependcy lists differ significantly from
what is checked in, but I have no idea why this is. Looking into the
tasks lists, they look fine.

Debian Science looks well; this is a blend where the dependency status
should be lowered. BTW, blends-gen-control now has an option "-U" that
updates the format of all tasks to the current version (and removes the
backslashes at the end of the line).

Feedback is very appreciated.

Best regards


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