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Bug#891188: blends-dev: created d/control recommends packages not in main

Control: affects -1 src:debian-astro

Hi Andreas,

On 22.03.2018 11:04, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Control: severity -1 important

Sure. Debian Astro the only one which is affected.

I wrote:
> In the moment, I would tend to rewrite blend-gen-control from scratch,
> using Python 3 and the standard Debian Python packages (debian.deb822,
> apt) in  a modular fashion.

FYI, you may find the scratch development (to be integrated in the
blends package) at


Currently it is able to generate d/control with the help of (python-)
apt, and it would resolve this bug. To replace the current
blends-gen-control I still need to implement the generation of the
tasks-desc file. Then (and after some finetuning) I would integrate this
and create a new blends version for "experimental" (publish early,
publish often). It would then also solve #764589, #785678, #825161, and

Reading the packages from UDD would follow then (taking the SQL
statements from the GSOC approach) by implementing an "apt.Cache" like
package repository that is built from UDD.

The structure of the package is a bit more complicated than just for
d/control generation; the idea however is to re-use the same code for
the Web pages. For this, it may be nice to have a separate Python package.

To get the documentation, do a `make html` in the doc subdir (needs
sphinx installed). Package is tested under Python 3 only.



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