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Re: Bug#883297: "Packages: list" field removed from tasksel control file

Hi Wolfgang,

On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 11:11:12PM +0100, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> One more thing:
> I ran 'git log --follow debian-med-tasks.desc'
> debian-med-tasks.desc with 'Packages: list' content is due to your 
> commit 2c219f08e54:
> 'Render dependency relations using UDD based blends-dev'

Ups, sorry for the noise (hereby closing the bug).  I unintentionally
commited also the debian-med-tasks.desc file after generating the
statistics data in dependency_data.  Thanks a lot for taking over my
job to read the logs. :-(
> Don't know what this actually means, but maybe the reason is a different 
> blends-dev?

This is


and it *really*, *urgently* should be moved into production.  It was
done in a GSoC project in 2013 and was somehow "close to ready" but
obviously time went over this state.  Unfortunately I (nor anybody else)
found the time to finalise things to fully replace the old blends-dev
code.  The major feature which makes it *really* important is that
it generates architecture dependant metapackages.  The problem is that
our metapackages only work for amd64 architecture and that there are
lots of packages missing on other architectures.  Its just that nobody
really uses those metapackages so nobody realises in practice but it
is definitely a problem we should care about.

The other feature I'm using is that the dependency_data for each release
are kept which I'm using for some statistics about the development of
metapackages.  So I'm silently running the other blends-dev code, commit
the dependency_data (+ the autogenerated changelog entries which are
done as well) and afterwards I rerun with the production blends-dev.
That's a pretty boring and obviously dangerous workflow.  So again:
If anybody (with some Python skills) likes to have a look it would be
definitely worth to do (and I'd love to spent some time cycles into
it as well but I can not do the whole job).

So thanks again for helping me out of my own mess and lets try to
get out the new blends-dev in Buster.

Kind regards



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