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Re: Bug#883297: "Packages: list" field removed from tasksel control file

> > Strange.
> The above code had been added to re-enable a Debian Edu suited task 
> desc file, i.e. 'Packages: list' is IMO written only in case the stanza 
> 'TASKSELOPT = -u' is contained in the debian-med Makefile.
> > Seems such kind of udeb support could be responsible.  However, I've build
> > the previous metapackage with the very same options - just `make dist`
> > with the blends-dev delivered makefile.
> Could it be you generated the previous metapackage with a different 
> debian-med Makefile?
> Maybe test if setting 'TASKSELOPT = -u' in debian-med's Makefile 
> generates the metapackages you had before? 

Hmmmm, may be we should not ask how it looked before but rather what
should be the content of the tasksel file we *want* to create.  I'm
pretty sure I did not messed with any tasksel options since I need to
admit that I have no idea about tasksel and its needed input.  I
just trusted that if it works for some Blend it should work for
Debian Med as well.  If it is **correct** that the now missing fields

-Packages: list
- abacas
- abyss
- acedb-other
- ...

Than everything is fine.  I do not have spare cycles for the moment
to dive into tasksel docs but if these short entries looking like

Task: med-bio
Parent: debian-med
Section: debian-med
Description: Debian Med bioinformatics packages
 This metapackage will install Debian packages for use in molecular biology,
 structural biology and other biological sciences.
Test-new-install: mark show

are OK than I'm fine and we can close the bug.

Sorry for my lack of education in this field



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