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Bug#883297: "Packages: list" field removed from tasksel control file

Hi Andreas,

On  Fr 01 Dez 2017 21:15:50 CET, Andreas Tille wrote:

Package: blends-dev
Severity: important


I intend to create a new set of metapackages for Debian Med.  After the
generation using blends-dev 0.6.100 I realised the following diff:

diff --git a/debian-med-tasks.desc b/debian-med-tasks.desc
index 40e4191..6108c40 100644
--- a/debian-med-tasks.desc
+++ b/debian-med-tasks.desc
@@ -1,817 +1,61 @@
+Task: debian-med
+Relevance: 7
+Section: debian-med
+Description: Debian Med Pure Blend
+ .
 Task: med-bio
+Parent: debian-med
 Section: debian-med
 Description: Debian Med bioinformatics packages
  This metapackage will install Debian packages for use in molecular biology,
  structural biology and other biological sciences.
-Relevance: 10
+Test-new-install: mark show
-Packages: list
- abacas
- abyss
- acedb-other
- acedb-other-belvu
- acedb-other-dotter
- adapterremoval
- adun-core
- aegean
- aevol

In other words:  The field

   Packages: list

is missing (for all tasks).  I suspect this might be connected to the
s/Depends/Recommends change in blends-dev 0.6.99.  Please correct me
if I'm wrong (since I'm not a tasksel expert) but this is an unwanted
side effect, right?

Mike, could you have a look?

Thanks a lot


I have looked at the blend-gen-control script. The passages you are missing are if'ed out by

if ($opts{'u'}) {



Are you possibly missing a command line option? Or are we missing it? See commit 20c7815702a7ded5749071dbf8d59d057959ef35.

Please give feedback, on how exactly create the debian-med package and if you need .udebs.



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