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Re: Blends integration into the Debian Installer

Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> writes:
> Quoting Ole Streicher (2016-05-24 14:48:22)
>> Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> writes:
>> > Quoting Ole Streicher (2016-05-24 10:55:13)
>> >> * what are their requirements to be listed in the default installation
>> >>   image?
>> >> 
>> >> * can they live with just *one* option as a compromise?
>> >
>> > For both debian-parl and debian-design it is a sensible compromise for 
>> > now to include only "parl-desktop" and skip region- or topic-specific 
>> > metapackages.
>> Could you put this into the tasks files of the blends?
> Sorry, I don't understand: Please elaborate.
> NB! Above blends are built using boxer, not blends-dev - is "tasks 
> files" perhaps something specific to blends-dev?

See my other mail. It is primarily meant for the blends-dev framework,
but it is not limited to it. If you do it differently, all you need is a
<blend>-all file.

BTW, Since the debian-blends-task.desc was created from what I found in
https://www.debian.org/blends/ and DebianParl was not listed as having
metapackages, it is currently missing in the debian-blends-tasks.desc
file (the same for Debian Design and FreedomBox). So, if DebianParl
should be included there: could you add its section to the file, or send
me a patch? 

If DebianParl uses metapackages, it would be also good to have a link to
a web representation of these in https://www.debian.org/blends/; this
would IMO make the blend more transparent.

Best regards


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