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Re: Bug#793667: #793667: forced depends (instead of recommends) using blends-dev (was gosa-plugin-netgroups not pulled-in when upgrading from Debian Edu squeeze mainserver)

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:
>> thinking about it…: we can't do this, as changes have to be in sid
>> before they are accepted in stable. As we cannot have this change in sid
>> atm (#825004) we cannot really have this in jessie now neither… sigh.
>> So let's wait for a fix for #825004 first.
> Depending how fast you need a solution you could easily add another sed
> call in the new dist target to work around #825004.  Feel free to ask me
> for another patch.  Its not the best method to work around but it would
> definitely work.  I'd add a bit of documentation to the Makefile and
> also a README.source.  Just let me know if I should push this right into
> Git.

I reversed now the behaviour of the flags in blends-dev, so that tasks
are *only* installed if they have an "Install: true" in the
header. Also, the -all package is only created if there was any task
with the "Install: true". This should solve the problem, so that a
workaround is not needed.

I would, however, also change the debian-blends-tasks.desc so that the
"-all" file is the key (not the -tasks file, as it is in the
moment). This would disable all blends in the installer that haven't
anything to install yet. For Debian-Edu (and others wishing their own
solution here): please edit the file afterwards and put there whatever
should be in there.

Objections on that?

Best regards


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