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Re: Bug#758116: Allow to select Blends selection during installation - just "DE", "Web server", "Mail server" is NOT enough

Quoting Ole Streicher (olebole@debian.org):

> The "standard" task is IMO one of the concepts in this step that
> actually *nobody* understands: I myself don't know what it means, and
> all the people I asked (when I presented the current scheme of
> installing the blends) have no idea what happens if they (de)select this.

Longstanding "issue". It installs packages of priority "standard", so
that brings us to the definition of these "standard" packages. IIRC
(but I even don't remember where it lies) I spent hours thinking about
the "right" way to translate the "standard" task name into French.

Anyway, the "standard" tasks I was talking about are the other tasks
in tasksel, not "standard" itself.

> > I still remember Joey's objections about *not* having users forced
> > to choose between desktop environments....because, contrary to what
> > the average geek thinks, most people have no idea about what is a
> > desktop environment. So, just imagine if we present them with
> > "Hamradio", "NeuroDebian", "Debian Med" and such a list of unsorted
> > strange things.
> So, if the average user doesn't have a glue about a Desktop environment,
> why is it offered in the installation by default? You seem to contradict
> to your own arguments here.

Because there has always been a contradiction..:-)

In the past, precisely for these reasons, the D.E. tasks were not
presented to users. However, over time, we had more and more and more
requests to allow this and it finally got enabled, but nnot really
with great enthusiasm...:-). This is kinda acknowledging that, indeed,
Debian installations from scratch with user's manual interaction is
now more something that skilled users are doing (let's face reality :
is Debian really used and installed by unskilled users
nowadays...certainly not).

So, more or less, we currently already are in a kind of compromise
which will never satisfy everybody....

About the name of the "Debian Blends" menu entry : I have no intent to
rename the project, but more to present users with a meaningful
choice. Holger's suggestion in this thread seems to be the way to go
--> keep "Debian Blends" but explain in a few words what it is.

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