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Re: Bug#758116: Allow to select Blends selection during installation - just "DE", "Web server", "Mail server" is NOT enough

Hi Christian,

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> (2016-05-18):
> (thanks for prodding me...you never know, indeed, though I still read
> -boot...;-) )

(wow, great!)

> >I have no idea whether the following is practical, and/or makes sense
> >regarding d-i's logic, etc., but I'm wondering whether it would be
> >possible to have checking "Debian Pure Blends" activate a follow-up
> >screen which would list all Blends. This way, we would get the previous
> >tasksel screen back, and only present the Blends to users who're
> >actually asking for it. And that, without changing anything in debconf,
> >its (non-)support for structure prompts, etc. Merging two tasks lists
> >obtained in two stages shouldn't be too hard, I suppose. But does that
> >make sense?
> >
> >Again, Christian is more knowledgeable in this area, and might have more
> >insight.
> I tried to read the whole thread and then I'll summarize my thoughts.
> At first, I'm not happy with the idea of Pure Blends tasks mixing up with
> standard tasks. I fully respect the work done by the variou sblends teams,
> but having our usual longstanding "standard" tasks kinda lost in the middle
> of "strange" and obscure tasks which the average user has no idea about what
> they're about...is a no-no for me.

Ack. Not a surprise to me, but thanks for confirming. :)

> I still remember Joey's objections about *not* having users forced to choose
> between desktop environments....because, contrary to what the average geek
> thinks, most people have no idea about what is a desktop environment. So,
> just imagine if we present them with "Hamradio", "NeuroDebian", "Debian Med"
> and such a list of unsorted strange things.
> Not to mention that most of these tasks titles wouldn't be translated, while
> other tasks are.
> So, yes, I'd object strongly to mixing up Blends tasks with other tasks.


> I think that the idea of blends choice in the boot menu has already ruled
> out for several reasons, so I won't develop here, but just add one more
> reason : this is untranslatable.


> That leaves us with the idea of a "Debian Blends" choice in the standard
> task menu, which would lead to a dedicated "blends" menu. I think this is
> the best compromise to do, provided we find a good name for the menu entry :
> "Debian Blends" or "Debian pure Blends" is a great name for the project in
> its entirety...but probably not for the menu entry. Again, because it means
> nothing to Joe User.
> So, with something like "Special-purpose packages" or "Specialized
> installations" or whatever along those lines, *then* a menu with the Blends
> list (unsorted) and the possibility of going back just in case people see
> the list and think "heck, I have no idea about what this stuff is
> about"....then I'd say this is the way to go.

While deciding the exact label (and getting it translated) might be
tricky indeed, let's see if we can come up with a working implementation
past D-I Stretch Alpha 6, then.

The person looking into this (hello future self?) should remember
preseeding should be supported, as well as going back.

Thanks so much, Christian.


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