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Re: [Neurodebian-devel] Neurodebian tasks (and Debian Science)

Hi Michael and Yaroslav, and all

Just making the mails a bit shorter... :-)

On 06.04.2016 15:49, Michael Hanke wrote:
> Yes, you got it right. Debian science is the reference. Anybody who cares
> should rightfully feel responsible.
> [...]
> No we don't generate the tasks from tags, the tags a generated from the
> tasks.

Then, in my opinion, it would make sense to

* create a neuroscience-tasks package with neurodebian as the maintainer

* move the following tasks to this package:
  (prefixed by neuroscience):

   - science-electrophysiology
   - science-neuroscience-modelling
   - science-neuroscience-datasets
   - science-psychophysics
   - science-neuroscience-congnitive

This would however still not solve my initial problem with a "default"
task. The point is that we will probably not succeed in having more than
a "default install" option for each blend in tasksel for Stretch (well,
unless someone really starts working on it), and you should decide if
and how you want to deal for NeuroDebian with it.

In any case, I would recommend to put NeuroDebian onto the Debian Blends
web page.

Best regards


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