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Re: Proposed Debian Fluxbox blend

Hi Jonas, thanks for the warm reply. I signed up with Alloth and will
set up SSH tonight. My login is "stephanfoley-guest". "fluxbox-blend"
sounds great and it would be perfect if you can setup the group. If
you are interested, you can also be the long term maintainer.

In terms of my experience installing Fluxbox from a base of Debian,
initially I was pretty confused just figuring out how to get xorg
running and finding the right display manager. Then the configuration
of Fluxbox...a lot of services found in more traditional desktop
managers are missing...font and theme settings, sound, auto mounting
drives, notification of system messages, archive manager, etc. And
also the look and feel of the system took a lot of work.

Right now I have a list of the packages needed to install plus
configuration files in a skel directory. Does Alloth have project
wikis? That would be a good place to start. Plus I would have to
upload the config files. Then clean everything up, annotate as needed
and remove stuff that is too specific for my needs.

The DebianPureBlends page is terrific. I really like this part: "Let
everyone know through the <debian-devel-announce@lists.debian.org>
mailing list, setting the Reply-to: <debian-devel@lists.debian.org>
and listen to what everyone has to say about your idea." so, maybe if
this works out you or I can make that announcement.

Other blends I think would be useful and are missing in the Debian
flavors are tiling windows managers. The ones that spring to mind are
xmonad (Haskell), dwm (C) and Herbstluftwm. Also Notion, based on
Ion3, but that is in the non-free repos.

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