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Re: Proposed Debian Fluxbox blend

Hi Stephen,

Quoting Stephan Foley (2015-12-27 07:43:49)
> Hello everyone! Not sure if I'm posting to the right mailing list. 
> I've been using Debian for over a year and have, what I consider, a 
> rock solid OS using Fluxbox as the windows manager. I used Crunchbang 
> for several years before (Openbox). It took me a few months to figure 
> out pure vanilla Debian and, since now I know the right files to 
> install and have all the configuration worked out, am willing to pass 
> this along to the community if there is any interest.
> I'll put in a little motivation here about why Fluxbox. It is actively 
> developed, very lightweight and never crashes. Basically, it just 
> stands back and lets you use all the apps you need without getting in 
> the way.
> For the folks at Debian, I will add there's a lot of interest in 
> Fluxbox/Openbox. It is very popular with the tweakers and graphic 
> designers of the Unix world. With the demise of Crunchbang, there is a 
> need for a simple install of a nice Linux OS and I think this could 
> fit the bill. Debian now comes in several flavors...GNOME, KDE, LXDE, 
> Xfce, Cinnamon and MATE,,,but these all, in my mind, share the same 
> design philosophy and are aping the Windows paradigm. Fluxbox is much 
> more elegant and attuned to what makes Linux special.
> Anyway, that's my pitch. If there is any interest out there, I'd like 
> to partner up with someone who knows the ins and outs of packaging and 
> repositories, etc.

Sounds wonderful, and quite in line with the kind of work Siri and I are 
doing at the moment: We try map how some Debian-derived distributions 
differ from "vanilla Debian" - with the vision that Debian ideally 
should be flexible enough to adapt to such needs at install time.

I would love to work with you on getting Debian to contain your specific 
desktop composition.

I suggest that we start an Alioth group for this, start piece it 
together.  Do you already have an Alioth account?  Else creating that 
would be a start, including establishing SSH access there: 

Then, for creating a group on Alioth (which I think is easiest done by 
someone with more priviledges in Debian, so I suggest that I do that) 
we'd need a name for the project.  Do you have a name already?  Else how 
about simply calling it "fluxbox-blend"?

 - Jonas

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