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Re: Proposed Debian Fluxbox blend

Quoting Stephan Foley (2015-12-28 02:45:52)
> Hi Jonas, thanks for the warm reply. I signed up with Alloth and will 
> set up SSH tonight. My login is "stephanfoley-guest". "fluxbox-blend" 
> sounds great and it would be perfect if you can setup the group.


I changed my mind and have called the project "blend-fluxbox" to be 
better aligned with the naming scheme at Alioth (e.g. pkg-*).  I suggest 
other future blends to consider use same naming pattern.

You are now added to our project, Stephan, as admin.  In fact I omitted 
other roles than admin, as I believe we have not need for hierarchy and 
should avoid it when possible.  Our git has write access for all formal 
Debian developers, and public read access.

Mailinglist should apppear 6-24 hours from now here:

Please subscribe yourself, and then let's move discussion there :-)

> If you are interested, you can also be the long term maintainer.

Yes I intend to take part long-term, but expect you to stay aboard too 
and that you will be the main driver of this.

I have an interest in exploring lightweight desktop compositions and 
extending the configurability of Debian packages, but do not use Fluxbox 
personally (more on that further down).

> In terms of my experience installing Fluxbox from a base of Debian, 
> initially I was pretty confused just figuring out how to get xorg 
> running and finding the right display manager. Then the configuration 
> of Fluxbox...a lot of services found in more traditional desktop 
> managers are missing...font and theme settings, sound, auto mounting 
> drives, notification of system messages, archive manager, etc. And 
> also the look and feel of the system took a lot of work.

Please consider blogging about that learning experiences - I am sure 
others would be inspired by it!  If you do, then tell me, and I can add 
your blog (or blog tag if you use that) to https://planet.debian.org/

> Right now I have a list of the packages needed to install plus 
> configuration files in a skel directory.

Please put that info in one or more git repos - or if you are unfamiliar 
with that then make a tarball and email it to me.  I will then integrate 
that info with Boxer - a tool to generate install routines for flexible 
blending - and when working I will share with you how to test and extend 
your work reimplemented in the Boxer (and you can then tell if you like 
that approach or not).

> Does Alloth have project wikis?

Please use Alioth the least possible - use Debian itself when possible:
Use Debian bug tracker and Debian wiki - e.g. extend 
https://wiki.debian.org/FluxBox or add a link from that page to a new 
page https://wiki.debian.org/FluxBox/Blend

> The DebianPureBlends page is terrific. I really like this part: "Let 
> everyone know through the <debian-devel-announce@lists.debian.org> 
> mailing list, setting the Reply-to: <debian-devel@lists.debian.org> 
> and listen to what everyone has to say about your idea." so, maybe if 
> this works out you or I can make that announcement.

Yes, that is a common pattern in Debian: When something is ripe for 
discussion and/or testing at large then announce it to the developers at 
large.  As main developer of this blend I imagine you will make that 
announcement - but we can obviously discuss that when we get so far :-)

> Other blends I think would be useful and are missing in the Debian 
> flavors are tiling windows managers. The ones that spring to mind are 
> xmonad (Haskell), dwm (C) and Herbstluftwm. Also Notion, based on 
> Ion3, but that is in the non-free repos.

I personally use the tiling window manager Awesome, with only few custom 
tweaks to its configuration.  I have considered pushing those tweaks 
into Debian somehow, but feel it is too small a scope for driving a 
Blend around that.  If a larger collection of tweaks gets collected then 
it might make more sense - or perhaps if our Fluxbox blend turns out to 
not really be strongly tied to Fluxbox we might consider expand+rename 
to embrace more tiny window managers - both conventional and tiling.  
Later, not now :-)

 - Jonas

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