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Re: Strr the Pot Debian Lignux-GNU/Linux

Quoting william_mouck@hush.com (2015-02-23 19:34:42)
> That was the path I was considering exactly Jonas, 
> That is getting released to stable then being a blend.

Great that we are on same track!

> I was wondering however if an "alternative help system" could be 
> envisioned as fitting in to debian, kind of like screen savers and 
> desktop backgrounds are creative endeavors could a help system cover 
> the same topics but be a creative endeavor and be a package?

Since you know best your ideas, I will turn your question towards 
yourself:  Why might that possibly _not_ be suitable for Debian?

If you can describe just vaguely potential fears of not fitting in, we 
(who maybe knows Debian better - maybe not) can perhaps help refine 
those fears, and we can together either confirm them or figure out why 
those fears are groundless.

 - Jonas

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