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Re: Strr the Pot Debian Lignux-GNU/Linux

Hi William,

Quoting william_mouck@hush.com (2015-02-22 01:30:42)
> Anyway just marking my intention to create a custom debian blend 
> called S traight Talking Real Reality in the P olitical O bnoxious 
> Theatre (STRR the POT Debian) blend focusing on the abilities of what 
> I have always considered an undeveloped opportunity in the FLOSS world 
> of screenmates or expert systems kind of like the KDE toy Amazing 
> Misuse Of Resources http://debaday.debian.net/ 
> 2007/11/18/amor-a-desktop-companion/. ;
> Actually I'm wondering if this would fit as a Custom Distribution or a 
> Derivitive because first and for most I would like a widget that 
> displays all the worlds currency and all the Intellectual property 
> stats maybe some Armament aggressive/defense side of life as well and 
> diplomacy and law . yeah still early planning stages and I have no 
> clue what I'll find and lots of computing relationships to make I'm 
> sure.

Debian is about putting existing code together to work harmonously as an 
integrated system - and "distribute"¹ the result. 

(A common misconception is that the main work in Debian is creating 
packages for code: Really the main work is in _maintaining_ those 
packages, to ensure they continue to work properly and safely for our 
users often years beyond the point of official support from the upstream 
authors of the packages code)

Although we do write some pieces of code specific to Debian (e.g. the 
package framework "APT" andd the install routines "debian installer", in 
general Debian is *not* about _creating_ code.

It seems to me that your project has two parts: a) write some code to 
get that experience you have ideas about (which I must admit that I do 
not fully understand, but that's not important here) and b) integrating 
your code with existing parts of an operating system to form something 
that can be "distributed" for installation by users.

A Debian Blend is perfect for b) but I recommend you to first do a) as a 
separate code project and (by yourself or by someone else, og perhaps in 
collaboration) get that widget packaged for Debian.

Hope that helps.

 - Jonas

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