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Strr the Pot Debian Lignux-GNU/Linux


Brand new again to computers ( I have memory retention issues - at times I've been genius across study sessions lasting half years 6 or 7 times but lost all the notes, data and skills because I'm hobo waggish sid unstable like that)

Anyway just marking my intention to create a custom debian blend called S traight Talking Real Reality in the P olitical O bnoxious Theatre (STRR the POT Debian) blend focusing on the abilities of what I have always considered an undeveloped opportunity in the FLOSS world of screenmates or expert systems kind of like the KDE toy Amazing Misuse Of Resources http://debaday.debian.net/2007/11/18/amor-a-desktop-companion/. ;

I have always been impressed by the ability of these "toys" to go anywhere on my computer as opposed to isolated window gui calls , too much border

I really would like to add window less representations of mind-maps (would be calling on freeplane and the like help here) and linquistic psychological abstraction abilities of the "toys/mates/experts" to have fun as , educators and pointers to materials happening on the computer.  This is achieved with a community and the software to create and develop the workings amongst templates and meta data to quickly insert new colloquial culture aspects of the continuing label of contemporary life.

I believe even  for those who like their pure text command line computer use they could be made https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII_art ; perhaps being termed moving ASCII Art ?

If your thrown off by the Blends Title - Political Obnoxious Theatre  it will be free Social contract DFSG of course so change it as you would and I'm not even set on the name myself as a final product.  It goes to note though that debian comes as a result of struggle and I would like to create a Distribution that creates and supports what we use computers for, that is creating the technology and advances that we then have to politically live our time spans minutes to century yrs upon birth with.  I guess I just want to help create a help and education system that really is laymen terms with interdisciplinary pointers to all life's endeavors on the computer (not true) . 

Actually I'm wondering if this would fit as a Custom Distribution or a Derivitive because first and for most I would like a widget that displays all the worlds currency and all the Intellectual property stats maybe some Armament aggressive/defense side of life as well and diplomacy and law . yeah still early planning stages and I have no clue what I'll find and lots of computing relationships to make I'm sure. 

All best and I would actually just at least like to see where this, my first post to the mailing list, fits into the mailing system as it seems this new debian blends is kinda hidden in the mailing lists how I stumbled upon it I don't know.

William Mouck   / Alive Attempt Death Whatever

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