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Re: Debian Games Pure Blend

On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 1:05 AM, Andreas Tille wrote:

> I have not checked.  Did anybody had some experience with d-i?

I have a small amount of experience but not enough to understand it
fully nor understand how tasksel is integrated into it. Also worried
about the grumpyness of the d-i team.

> You mean in comparison to the desktop environment installer images also
> have Blends images (say with a lightweight desktop s xfce)?


>> The live images, since these will use a fair bit of space this might
>> be hardest to do.
> From my personal point of view it might be sufficient to create the
> control files to enable users creating life media.

That would be a good first step, I don't have any experience with
live-* stuff though.

I think for some blends (especially games) the audience will be mainly
non-technical so asking them to install Debian and then create live
media might make them just give up.



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