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Re: Debian Games Pure Blend

Hi Markus,

On Sat, Aug 02, 2014 at 02:14:49PM +0200, Markus Koschany wrote:
> > thanks a lot for this attempt which I consider a nice step forward to
> > make games in Debian even more easy to install for users and -- what's
> > IMHO even more important -- visible inside Debian. 
> You're welcome. That's also my vision. :)

> > I just imagine bold
> > lines of news tickers like "Debian now supports games" when Debian Games
> > is mentioned in the Jessie release notes. :-)  While we all know that
> > Debian had games quite from the beginning it could help to get Debian
> > out of the "servers only corner".
> I agree that there should be at least a few lines in the release notes.

It's usual that Blends teams provide a paragraph for the release notes
(*if* the Blends team minds about creating the text).

> > When speaking about this I would like to restart the "noise about
> > initial tasksel" we did years ago in #186085 which was closed without
> > beeing fixed.  I could imagine an initial Blends menu in the installer
> > where you can select your favourite Blend(s) metapackages.
> > 
> > What do you think?
> Absolutely agreed. A submenu for blends would be a useful addition to
> tasksel. At the moment the $blend-tasks package already installs a .desc
> file to /usr/share/tasksel so that users can pick one of the blends'
> tasks. A submenu or simply another page after the standard tasks would
> then surely improve the visibility of blends. I think I would go for an
> extra page that looks like that
> Debian Pure Blends
> $blend1
> ------
> Description
> task 1 []
> task 2 []
> .
> .
> $blend2
> Description
> task 1 []
> task 2 []
> .
> .


> > Technical hint:  You cen (and should) also mention packages from
> > non-free safely.  The metapackage creation procedure of blends-dev is
> > checking packages in main/testing and degrades everything not listed
> > there (packages only in unstable, or in non-free or just in preparation
> > in VCS) to Suggests which in any case results in valid metapackages (at
> > the given point in time).  So I explicitly encourage to add also
> > packages not (yet) in main to the tasks.
> I have decided to focus on main for various reasons but not because of
> technical aspects. Actually I really like the current feature that
> contrib/non-free packages or packages which are not in testing are
> automatically downgraded to "Suggests". So I don't want to blame the
> blends framework.
> I want to focus on main because I'd like to convey the message that main
> is Debian and it's good to have your games there if they should be
> promoted. We also have to draw a line somewhere otherwise I can already
> see the first requests to add "Humble Bundle" or Steam games to the list
> and that's not the route I want to go with this Blend.

Well, that's your decision and I will not question this.  I just like to
remind you that you also can add packages "not yet in main but in VCS
targeting at main".  This kind of todo list is useful to help potential
new developers picking some useful task.  They are also added as
"Suggests" but show up on the tasks pages in separate paragraph.
> >> At the moment I'm thinking about the next steps. I feel I'm more
> >> interested in learning how to create a Debian Live DVD/usb stick for
> >> games, so I think this could be the next goal.
> > 
> > I'd suggest the next step should be uploading the metapackages to new.
> *nod* I thought it would be useful and decided to create another task,
> "finest-light" that includes only games from "finest" with low hardware
> requirements. This should also be helpful for creating a live image
> which would basically be games-finest-light + some extra games and packages.

> > Once they arrived in the Debian pool you can use live-build and just add
> > the metapackages to the dependency list which should be basically whyt
> > cou need to do.  If you do so I'd (strongly) recommend you commit all
> > the live-build into the repository[2].  Disclaimer:  I never built any
> > live media but I have heard live-build would be the way to go - please
> > correct me if I'm wrong.  Having an example in a repository would be
> > really helpful for other Blends.
> I will take a look at the efforts mentioned here soon:
> https://wiki.debian.org/Games/Live
> and ask questions if they should arise.
> Another point:
> How can I enable the bug page and the "thermometer" for the Games Blend?

The thermometer is created:


I need to check why bugs are missing.  In fact the current "official"
bugs pages are stessing UDD very hard since it was inefficiently coded
and thus I disabled the cron job for these.  I had written new code
which does a significatly better job but it is not finally tested.  I
actually noticed that


creates an empty page which I need to check.  But the single pages like


are created automatically.  I need to check what might be wrong here.

So in short:  You do not need to do anything to enable these pages since
it is done for all Blends ... I just need to fix a bug and need to do
some testing.  I reall hope to get this done in the next couple of
weeks.  (For sure any help is welcome as always. :-))

Kind regards



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