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Task for volunteers: Graphing the development of Blends packages in tasks

Hi Emmanouil (or whoever likes to volunteer),

since I moved Debian Science tasks from SVN to Git the way I used to
create the 3D graph for the task development of Debian Science stoped
working.  Formerly I used


where the script

   misc/team_analysis_tools/count-dependencies.py ${MY_PATH_TO_SVN}/blends/ science

did some hackish job but it somehow worked (as it remains to work for
debian-med but this will stop once this will be moved from SVM to Git as

It would be really cool to get a more robust 3D plotting feature.

Feel free to ping me for better explanation if this very rough
description (and the example result below) would be not sufficient.
Please note that I don't mind if the 3D plotting toolset would be
exchanged to something better - it was just what I detected first and
what worked to some extend.

Kind regards


Example results:


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