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[ANN] Web sentinel migrated from blends.alioth.debian.org to blends.debian.org


the web sentinel pages on Alioth were not updated since Alioth was down
and Alioth admins insisted in migrating to blends.debian.org since this
would be a better place for these data.  Thanks to the great help of DSA
(namely Peter Palfrader) this is done now.  The web senitnel pages are
updated twice per day by a cron job on


Since there was no point in having Debian Med in separate (formerly for
historical reasons it was at debian-med.alioth.d.o and not at
blends.alioth.d.o) it is now in parallel to all other Blends under its
own subdirectory.  DSA offered the options to have some

    ... <please RAISE your voice now if your Blends wants this as well>

as a redirect to the according subdirectory.

I have put redirects on blends.alioth.debian.org to the new pages to
not break previously published links and hope they will work properly.

I guess the documentation needs some further updates.  In any case it
was moved as well from blends.alioth.d.o/blends to


I have set permissions that any DD who is in group "blends" on the host
blends.debian.org can update the docs (redirects are set as well from
alioth to not break any links published at random places).  Apropos
permission:  The web sentinel code and data is owned by the user blends.
If you want to change anything you need to login into blends.d.o
(=dillon.d.o) and sudo to this user.  You need to set a sudo password on
db.d.o first before you can do so.  Feel free to contact me in case of


  1. I'll put it on my todo list to find some mechanism that updates
     on the tasks files will be propagated quickly into the according
     web sentinel.

  2. The *very* poor static websites of the Blends should get some
     rework since we now have gained some official status.  I think
     the layout should be adapted to the layout of www.d.o.  I would
     be really happy if some volunteers would check out


     The static web pages are in dir www.  Please do not hesitate to
     help Blends pages getting a better layout.

Kind regards



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