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Re: Do tools &/or instructions exist?

Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
Quoting Richard Owlett (2013-08-30 15:56:52)

Debian, due to its heritage, suffers from one major problem - it tries
to be *all* things to *all* people *all* of the time.

I disagree strongly about that: Blends is about emphasizing how Debian
is flexible and can be optimal for *some* things to *some* people *some*
of the time.  Not only making it so, but also emphasizing what is
already so.

I think you you just agreed with me ;/
Confusion rooted in definition of terms.

When I wrote "Debian" I was thinking explicitly of the experience of using "Debian Live CD" or installing Debian from the multi-CD/DVD set. (I suspect also the experience if installed using the internet - which I am *physically unable* to do.)

Note that I wrote "Debian ...". You replied "Blends ...".

Let me repeat: Blends is not something made _from_ Debian. It is making
something _with_ Debian itself.

Maybe there is a better term than "Blend" for what I envision.
Maybe it already exists.

A couple of years ago someone humorously suggested a label such as "Desert Island Edition" as the most common feature of possible install would be no, or extremely limited, connectivity and a minimalist selection of installed packages. If there were a choice of packages to perform a function, the smaller would likely be used. (As an analogy, think Shaker furniture.)

I was interrupted for a few days while writing this. I've spent some time reviewing old correspondence and Bookmarks. I've a set of Wheezy DVD's due this week - I have *NO* physical capability of doing a network install. I'll experiment to see how close to my ideal I can get with careful preseeding. I know that some problems I ran into with Squeeze have been addressed.

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