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Re: Do tools &/or instructions exist?

Quoting Richard Owlett (2013-09-03 16:34:57)
> Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Quoting Richard Owlett (2013-08-30 15:56:52)
> >
> >> Debian, due to its heritage, suffers from one major problem - it 
> >> tries to be *all* things to *all* people *all* of the time.
> >
> > I disagree strongly about that: Blends is about emphasizing how 
> > Debian is flexible and can be optimal for *some* things to *some* 
> > people *some* of the time.  Not only making it so, but also 
> > emphasizing what is already so.
> I think you you just agreed with me ;/
> Confusion rooted in definition of terms.
> When I wrote "Debian" I was thinking explicitly of the experience of 
> using "Debian Live CD" or installing Debian from the multi-CD/DVD set. 
> (I suspect also the experience if installed using the internet - which 
> I am *physically unable* to do.)
> Note that I wrote "Debian ...". You replied "Blends ...".

I assumed we were both talking about Debian and Blends: That's the 
purpose of this very mailinglist.

> > Let me repeat: Blends is not something made _from_ Debian. It is 
> > making something _with_ Debian itself.
> >
> Maybe there is a better term than "Blend" for what I envision.
> Maybe it already exists.

Maybe, but this list is in my very honest opinion the wrong place to 
discuss that.

Here's the definition for "Blend" that makes sense on this list: 

> A couple of years ago someone humorously suggested a label such as 
> "Desert Island Edition" as the most common feature of possible install 
> would be no, or extremely limited, connectivity and a minimalist 
> selection of installed packages. If there were a choice of packages to 
> perform a function, the smaller would likely be used. (As an analogy, 
> think Shaker furniture.)
> I was interrupted for a few days while writing this. I've spent some 
> time reviewing old correspondence and Bookmarks. I've a set of Wheezy 
> DVD's due this week - I have *NO* physical capability of doing a 
> network install. I'll experiment to see how close to my ideal I can 
> get with careful preseeding. I know that some problems I ran into with 
> Squeeze have been addressed.

Good luck with your explorations of private uses of Debian.  Sincerely!

If you find that you'd rather that some of those uses could be 
generalized - i.e. that it might make good sense for Debian as a system 
and community to develop and maintain support for some of the uses you 
tinker with on your own - _then_ bring them up on this list and let's 
discuss how to proceed.

Hope that makes sense, and is not perceived as too harsh,

 - Jonas

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