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Re: [GSoC] blends-gen-control hints (Was: blends-dev, gsoc 2013)

[accidentally sent to private]

Hello Andreas,

I just committed a simple script by the name "tester". As I write in the commit log: 
...generates control/task-description files for all Blends and compares the generated files, needs no arguments to be executed, usage: ./tester

By running the tester script both ways seem to generate same files for all Blends except from the debian-edu control files(the data differences  between blends_dependencies and blends_dependencies_alternatives table as I mentioned in a previous mail ) and debian-imaging as shown below(data differences between tables):

#for debian-imaging
Comparing control/control.amd64 with control-sec/control.amd64
< Suggests: djview4 | djview3
> Suggests: djview4 | djview3 | djvu-viewer 

#So here we have
select blend, task, alternatives, component, distribution, dependency from blends_dependencies_alternatives where alternatives like '%djvu-viewer%';
#does not exist
select blend, task, package, component, distribution, dependency from blends_dependencies where package='djvu-viewer';

Apart from this the rest of the generated files seem to be the same for both {sec-}blend-gen-control scripts.

Kind regards


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