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Re: Switching from SVN to Git

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 4:14 AM, Andreas Tille wrote:

> when working on Blends webtools I have realised that I'm frequently
> developing it when beeing offline and sometimes I would like to do some
> more heavy changes - so somehow Git would fit my workflow way better
> than SVN.  I also know that some Git addictives are involved in Blends
> anyway and so I consider switching the Blends repository from SVN to
> Git.

That would be great.

> My vision about the layout of the repository is that we should split the
> current SVN into different Git repositories.


> I could give some reasons and advantages for this layout but I would
> like to hear some opinions first - may be it will be simply accepted
> and I could finally save the time to write more details.

As someone with no experience with blends stuff, it sounds good.

BTW, how about giving all DDs access to the blends VCS repositories? I
think that would help folks start new blends and contribute to
existing ones. In pkg-games we do that by linking the "Debian
Developer (in project Debian group Debian)" role and giving them SCM
commit access. In other alioth groups they use filesystem ACLs for



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