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Switching from SVN to Git


when working on Blends webtools I have realised that I'm frequently
developing it when beeing offline and sometimes I would like to do some
more heavy changes - so somehow Git would fit my workflow way better
than SVN.  I also know that some Git addictives are involved in Blends
anyway and so I consider switching the Blends repository from SVN to

The first question would be for sure:  Would this cause any drastical
harm to anybodies working habits?  I could imagine any problems for the
actual tasks files of the different Blends which are maintained by
several different people - so pushing a new workflow on several people
might be unacceptable in some few cases.  If this should be the case I
could imagine to leave some projects metapackages stuff right into SVN
as is but moving everything else seems to be no problem at all
considering who are the main coders for the blends package and the
webtools (I would even expect more contributers when doing the switch to

My vision about the layout of the repository is that we should split the
current SVN into different Git repositories.  The rationale is that it
might make sense to use git-buildpackage and so it is probably
reasonable to have everything which ends up in a Debian package should
have its own Git repository.  This would mean

  1. git://git.debian.org/git/debian-blends/blends.git
     Repository for the blends source package as a clone of
     current svn://svn.debian.org/blends/blends/trunk/blends/

  2. git://git.debian.org/git/debian-blends/projects/<BLEND>.git
     where BLEND is out of ('accessibility', 'brdesktop', 'debichem',
     'edu', ...) just any Blends source packages as can be found
     currently in
     I would try to manually recreate the tags of released package
     versions to some reasonable extend.

  3. git://git.debian.org/git/debian-blends/website.git
     This repository should keep all the files which are relevant
     for dynamic page creation
     and the static pages used by all Blends
     as well as some additional tools I used for team analysis
     purposes and some UDD stuff related to the Blends topic.

  4. git://git.debian.org/git/debian-blends/publications.git
     This should contain some papers and talks about Blends
     (basically cloing current
     ) as well as some publication about specific Blends
     which I would like to move in a "projects/" subdirectory
     inside this repository.  Currently we do have some
     publications about Debian Med and I think these should
     not go into the Debian Med related packaging directory
     mentioned above under item 2.

I could give some reasons and advantages for this layout but I would
like to hear some opinions first - may be it will be simply accepted
and I could finally save the time to write more details.

Kind regards



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