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Re: Difference between blends and remastered systems

On 07/07/2011 10:59 AM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> To fix, change the heading from "Difference between a Blend and a
> derivative" to "Difference between a Blend and a remaster", or else
> rework the content to clearly make the distinction.

Oh, and if you decide to rework the content, the tone needs adjustment.
I am fairly critical of what I call "vanity" distributions that are poor
quality rip-offs of some parent distro. These invariably end up shafting
the user when the creator gets bored or overwhelmed and stops providing
support. On the other hand, I have respect for derivative distributions
which fork from a parent distro due to differences that cannot be
reconciled in any other way. These derivatives most often have their own
archives, bug tracking system, mailing lists/forums and so forth, and
when done well, illustrate the strength with free software of being able
to fork. I definitely would not want to come off in our documentation as
being "anti-derivatives", particularly in light of recent efforts to
develop a better relationship between Debian and derivatives through the
Debian Derivatives Exchange project


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