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Re: Blend creation tool

On 07/01/2011 02:36 PM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
>>  - a way NOT to have the live image and to only have the installer, in
>>    case we run short of space in the installation media;
> Not currently supported by live-build, but maybe a solution using the
> tools could be hacked together. It's an appealing option for live-build
> because then it would be easy to produce matched pairs of live+installer
> & installer-only images.

this was brought up two or three weeks ago on the list, where i said
that it's very easy to do and that i'm doing that relatively soon (for
the next or upper next upload at latest).

> Part of that can already be done. You can "lb config --syslinux-timeout
> 1" to get it to proceed directly to the default menu entry with no user
> interaction. That would normally be the 'Live' entry, so we would need
> to change which entry is booted by default. If we manage to customize
> the image to drop live and only have install, this will just work.
> Otherwise, we'll need to modify the syslinux config at the appropriate
> place (perhaps via a hook? I just finished grepping through the source
> and don't see any obvious way to configure this.)

in lb3, syslinux config ist still very much in flux, that will get
sorted out within the next two weeks.

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