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Re: Blend creation tool

On 01/07/11 07:30 AM, Enrico Zini wrote:
> Right, I'm studying it now.
> Things I'll need to look into:
>  - a way NOT to have the live image and to only have the installer, in
>    case we run short of space in the installation media;

Not currently supported by live-build, but maybe a solution using the
tools could be hacked together. It's an appealing option for live-build
because then it would be easy to produce matched pairs of live+installer
& installer-only images.

>  - a way to automatically start the installer and not the live image,
>    since the installation happens on a machine with no input devices
>    besides the power switch, and has to run completely unattended from
>    boot to "All done: You can remove installation media and power cycle"
>    message at the end.

Part of that can already be done. You can "lb config --syslinux-timeout
1" to get it to proceed directly to the default menu entry with no user
interaction. That would normally be the 'Live' entry, so we would need
to change which entry is booted by default. If we manage to customize
the image to drop live and only have install, this will just work.
Otherwise, we'll need to modify the syslinux config at the appropriate
place (perhaps via a hook? I just finished grepping through the source
and don't see any obvious way to configure this.)


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