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Re: "porting" Debian to some tablet - are Blends right for me?

Hello Arian Sanusi,

Am 2011-02-19 17:35:30, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
> Hi all,
> I am thinking of getting some noname Android tablet and combining it
> with the keyboard of a defunct Psion 5.
> I'd rather have some GNU/Linux running on it instead of Android. The

Hahaha  --  Do you have already tried to get Linux on an of the TablePC?

Most of them are locked and you can not  install  other  things  as  the
manufacturer has done...

Now I have a "Samsung Galaxy Tab" and tried to hack the bootloader...

...because I like to have Debian/ARM + smartphonetools installed!

Also I need the TabletPC as maintenace computer which  "Android 2.1"  is
definitively not...

> question is: what distribution?
> I am aware of the Debian ARM-Port, however I guess I'd like to build
> packages with some configure-time options disabled and tweaked
> compiler optimization.

    [ ]  I know what porting mean!

You have to find out, HOW the Hardware is working and maybe you have  to
code some new Kernel modules!  Good luck!

Note:   I am not only IT but also Electronic Engineer and develop
        a TabletPC (based on a Marvel Armada 300) which work with
        Debian/ARM and believe it I know, what I am talking about

        With all the nice SmartPhones and Tabet devices  you  get
        the hell on the ass because no manufacturer will tell you
        how it works.  REALY -- Believe it!

> So reading "How to start a Debian Pure Blend" I am wondering wether
> Blends are the right thing for such a project.

You can use Debian Bend, IF you have gotten your TabletPC  running  with
Debian/ARM, build a Meta/Config Package and let  others  install  Debian
more easier then your have done it before.

>  So what I think I want is: Infrastructure that makes modifying a
> Linux distribution and its packages easy, compiling them on some
> x86-hardware then installing it on the Tablet.

It would be a little bit too easy!

> In terms of audience, there will be quite little, as there are no
> pocketables out there at the moment. Desktop Linuxes are doing well
> enough on Netbooks,

Most netbooks using the Intel Atom which is a i386

> Smartphones users propably want to stick to

SmartPhones are ARM or MIPS

> Android for its superior touch interface.

What do you mean?  I have even Multi-Touch (10-Touch) on my Debian/Lenny
i386 and arm...   There are enough controllers with Linux-Support,  even
if I have coded my controller based on VERY NEW Maxim chips from scratch

> If there were up-to-date
> pocketables they would live between these two categories.

> So what do you think about this? Other Alternatives?

If you are not one of the Overgeeks simply forget it!

Question:  Which Tablet do you wan to buy?

> Arian

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack

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