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"porting" Debian to some tablet - are Blends right for me?

Hi all,

I am thinking of getting some noname Android tablet and combining it with the keyboard of a defunct Psion 5. I'd rather have some GNU/Linux running on it instead of Android. The question is: what distribution? I am aware of the Debian ARM-Port, however I guess I'd like to build packages with some configure-time options disabled and tweaked compiler optimization. I know, this basically cries for gentoo :D I am on my way installing said gentoo on my workstation, however being used to debian, I feel a bit uncomfortable with it, so I'm checking for alternatives. So reading "How to start a Debian Pure Blend" I am wondering wether Blends are the right thing for such a project. it occurs to me that Blends are more about selecting and installing the right packages for a certain task, mostly leaving the original packages intact. So what I think I want is: Infrastructure that makes modifying a Linux distribution and its packages easy, compiling them on some x86-hardware then installing it on the Tablet. In terms of audience, there will be quite little, as there are no pocketables out there at the moment. Desktop Linuxes are doing well enough on Netbooks, Smartphones users propably want to stick to Android for its superior touch interface. If there were up-to-date pocketables they would live between these two categories.

So what do you think about this? Other Alternatives?


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