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Tasksel dependency (Was: metapackages)

Hi Petter,

yesterday I was starting wondering whether there is any strong
reason to have a

   Depends: education-tasks

in any of the education-* metapackages.  I remember that I simply
took over this from Debian Edu but can not find any reason why the
tasksel control file should have this strong dependency.

Petter, can you please elaborate on this whether there is something
against decreasing it to Recommends or Suggests?  The education-tasks
package seems to ship some files in /usr/lib/tasksel/tests which could
be a reason for a Depends because the sense might be to enforce a
language tasks installed (but I'm to unfamiliar with tasksel to back
up this guess and I'm lacking the time to do some research into it).

Kind regards


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On Mon, Nov 08, 2010 at 07:37:43PM +0100, rosea.grammostola wrote:
>> Seems to be a bug in apt in Lucid. It's fixed in maverick.

Thanks for reporting this.  We probably should document this issue somehow.

> And do you tell me if you have a fix for the unwanted dependency you get  
> when not using tasksel (now solved with equivs)?

To answer your latest question why all other Blends seem to use the
tasksel package:  Well, I actually do not really remember any more.  It
was introduced by Debian Edu and turned out to be something like a
default and thus the problem was not detected that the dependency is
enforced even if there is no tasksel package created.

However, when thinking twice about this I wonder why at all there is
this strong dependency for all single metapackages.  A Suggests should
perfectly be enough.  I have to think about this twice.

To answer your question about the timing:  It's a bit blocked because
bugs #577062 and #601959 (which is actually the same bug) have high
priority (the tasksel issue is not because finally it does not affect 
any of the packages in Squeeze).  So I would like to aks you for some
patience.  It would probably a good idea if you file a bug report and
post your equivs configuration as a temporary hack around it.  I think
if the bug above is settled and the packages in Squeeze are fine I
will care for the problem (7 to 14 days).

Kind regards and thanks for your comments



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