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Re: metapackages

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 08:13:13PM +0200, rosea.grammostola wrote:
>>>>   openstudio-tasks: Depends: taskel which is a virtual package.
>> That should probably be tasksel (not taskel)
> Hehe, ok.
> Is tasksel needed for a metapackage made the blends-dev way?

The usage of tasksel is optional and triggered if you include a

Package: gis-tasks
Architecture: all
Depends: tasksel

in your debian/control.stub package

If you leave this out the <name>-tasks metapackage is not created and
you do not need to use tasksel at all.

> I think I just copied it from the Debian-med package, which I took as  
> example.

Debian Med uses the tasksel installation method option and thus you just
got it.  The tasksel option is provided in the hope you give you some
extra comfort but not needed at all.

BTW, Could you please be a bit more verbose what you are actually doing
(commit your blends source code for further inspection or applying
patches)?  I'm specifically asking because we could actually need some
help in the multimedia issue.  I'm currently try to push the Blends
technique at the Debian Multimedia team (you find the code at


and we are probably able to cooperate.

Kind regards



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