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Re: Blends & CDD suggestions

Hi Xavier (and others),

On Wed, Jun 02, 2010 at 11:06:51AM +0200, Xavier Oswald wrote:
On 15:33 Sat 29 May     , Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 11:24:32AM +0200, Xavier Oswald wrote:

 - Change the default graphical theme. (GTK color + topbar image +
boot dvd background image)

Make a package containing your graphics and hooks, and make sure to
install it e.g. using a metapackage.

forinspiration, have a look at the packages brdesktop-common, debian-edu-artwork, grub2-splashimages. And on packages depending on the various gtk2-engines-* packages.

It's not that easy. The topbar image and the gtk theme come from the rootskel-gtk package maintained by the d-i team. By now, I use my own rootskel-gtk package instead of the one provide by default when building d-i from source.

Ah, I see. In that case you need to coordinate with debian-installer team for these changes too.

What kind of changes would you need? Something similar to Skolelinux wanting a (vastly) simplified install menu, or something else?

What I need is to have at first another background image at boot.
And I need to have graphical and ncurses enable but with a different text. And be able to have graphical and ncurses with other boot parameters than what is done by default.

Something like:
  Graphical Install
  Text Based Install
  Graphical Install (specific)
  Text Based Install (specific)

I could do this by extracting the generated iso and put my new menu files or
use my files when I build d-i from source. I don't know any other way to do

This clearly isn't possible (as a Debian Pure Blend) without improvements to debian-installer. And maybe not possible at all to achieve with official Debian DVDs (so if you must use DVD, not e.g. netboot that can be preseeded via custom DHCP hints), then possibly you are out of luck (when aiming for a Debian Pure Blend).

I want to keep it simple. What I need to do is not that huge so Im asking for suggestions about how to handle this in an easy way, keep it simple and thus to be able to generate quickly new versions.

That's a tough one: The things on your wishlists are ones not currently possible to simply "tell" Debian to do, so someone (you?) will have to implement the mechanisms first. Implementing simple mechanisms is often not itself simple, but please hang on anyway and help make it simple for the next ones with similar needs. :-)

The fact is that Im a bit in a hurry up time, so I will do some manual things to achieve my goals and try to do some nice tools for further version Ill have to do.

I hope with these detail that you clearly understand what Im doing.

Yes, I believe I have an understanding of your needs now:

Thanks for sharing your needs with us. It is really appreciated, even if we cannot help (here in the scope of Debian Pure Blends): You need functionalities not currently possible with Debian Pure Blends, and you lack the time needed to develop them. That's unfortunately an impossible combination :-(

You should probably seek other approaches than Debian Pure Blend to reach your short-term goals. Obviously we would really appreciate it if you would keep in touch and work with us on improving things long-term - especially as you now gain more knowledge in these details from working with alternative approaches.

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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